What's New

Version - August 20, 2015

Enhancement and bug fix release. Addresses 46 pre- and post-beta GitHub issues.

Enhancements include:

Version,, and - September 13, 2013 through November 1, 2014

Bug fix releases. Addresses GitHub Issue 295, Issue 298, Issue 300, Issue 302, Issue 304, Issue 305, Issue 311, Issue 313, Issue 314, Issue 316, Issue 317, Issue 318, Issue 319, Issue 321, Issue 325, Issue 326, Issue 327, Issue 328, and Issue 329. Issue 330, Issue 332, Issue 333, Issue 334, Issue 335, Issue 336, Issue 337, Issue 338, Issue 339, Issue 340, and Issue 342 as well as other minor unreported issues.

Version - September 4, 2013

This is a bugfix release. Addresses Google Code Issue 285Issue 286Issue 288Issue 289Issue 290, and Issue 291.

For those experiencing any issues related to initial browser-based setup of BCOE&M, the bcoem_baseline_1.3.0.X.sql document was added to the package. It contains the necessary database structure and dummy data for a NEW installation that can be installed manually via phpMyAdmin or shell access. Be sure to follow the directions in the document before use, especially those relating to security.

Version - August 15, 2013

This release marks some major improvements to stability, security while addressing server load issues:

Of course, there were some bug fixes in there as well. Addresses the following reported issues on Google Code: Issue 198Issue 206Issue 207Issue 218Issue 221Issue 222Issue 223Issue 225Issue 226Issue 227Issue 228Issue 229Issue 230Issue 231Issue 232Issue 236Issue 237Issue 240Issue 241Issue 242 Issue 243 Issue 245Issue 246Issue 247Issue 249Issue 252Issue 253Issue 254Issue 255Issue 256 Issue 257 Issue 258Issue 260,Issue 261Issue 262Issue 263, and Issue 266.

Version - November 28, 2012

This release features mostly bug fixes and a couple of enhancements:

Addressed all verified bugs reported to Google Code (Issue 186Issue 188Issue 189Issue 190Issue 191Issue 195Issue 197Issue 199Issue 200Issue 202Issue 204Issue 205Issue 208Issue 209Issue 210Issue 211Issue 212Issue 213Issue 214)

Version - October 23, 2012

This release again features mostly bug fixes and a few enhancements.

  1. Enhanced the data integrity checking for sub-styles that require participants to enter special ingredients and/or a classic style (beer, mead, cider), as well as strength (mead) and carbonation/sweetness (mead, cider).
    1. If participants do not add the requisite information, their entry is marked "unconfirmed," and subject to deletion after 24 hours.
  2. Enhanced display of entry numbers to four digits (0000 - 9999). Standardizes display.
  3. Minor tweak to processing of proper names to allow for dashes, initials, and apostrophes.
  4. Tweaked the special ingredient bottle label download to only show the requisite categories.

Addressed all verified bugs reported to Google Code (Issue 177 Issue 178Issue 179Issue 180Issue 181Issue 182Issue 183, and Issue 184).

Version - October 6, 2012

This release features mostly bug fixes and a few enhancements.

  1. Added more CSV exports (all paid entries, all non-paid entries).
  2. Added more options for printing sorting sheets.
  3. Enhanced display of judging numbers to make them more readable at a glance. Uses the convention: XX-XXX (e.g., the fourteenth entry in category 3 would be 03-014).

Addressed all verified bugs reported to Google Code (Issue 160Issue 163Issue 164Issue 166Issue 167Issue 169Issue 171Issue 172Issue 173Issue 174Issue 175Issue 176, and Issue 177).

Version - September 2012

This release features a few fairly major upgrades and numerous minor ones. It also addresses bugs reported between December 1, 2011 and August 25, 2012.

  1. Added browser-based database setup and updating.
  2. Added the ability to for the BCOE&M installation to run on a shared database (or multiple installations on a single database).
  3. Added the ability to cap the number of entries.
  4. Added custom winning category functionality.
  5. Added ability for competitions to accept payment via Google Wallet (Issue 48 on Google Code).
  6. Added localization capabilities. Allows for granular, time-zone specific dates and times to be utilized by the program.
  7. Added registration windows for judges and stewards (now separate from regular entrants). Comps can now register judges and stewards before and after the entry window (Issue 133 on Google Code).
  8. Added the ability for admins to designate the method to designate winners (by table, by category or by subcategory - Issue 142 on Google Code).
  9. Added a new public page: Volunteer Information (thanks to Bruce Buerger for his contribution).
  10. Added data integrity scripting that checks for inconsistencies between the user and brewer tables as well as deleting any entry that is either blank or is not attributed to any verified user.
  11. Added another bottle label option that includes special ingredients (if any) on the label itself. Useful for Category 23, for example, and custom categories.
  12. Added the ability to export promo materials in Bulletin Board Code (BBC) format. Useful for posting a competition announcement to various homebrewing forums.
  13. Added the ability to export all entry data in CSV format (Issue 149 on Google Code).
  14. Added time stamping for users and entry updates (Issue 52 on Google Code).
  15. Added ability to filter admin display of paid entries (Issue 129 on Google Code).
  16. Added granular display of the number of entries that had reduced fees from a promo code (Issue 146 on Google Code).
  17. Updated the BJCP Ranks to utilize those that went into effect April 1, 2012 (as reported to SourceForge). Added explanation/help text to the participant information screen.
  18. Cleaned up archived data display.
  19. Addressed all verified bugs reported to Google Code (Issues 117, 119, 120, 123, 124, 127, 137, 138, 150, 151, 152, 153, 155, 156, and 157).
  20. Deprecated the option to choose whether to utilize BCOE&M for competition organization. Going forward, it will be assumed that Administrators will utilize the organization functions (those beyond simply gathering participant and entry data) as little or as much as they wish without needing to specify as such.

Version - December 2011

This release address several bugs and feature enhancements that were reported to Google Code and SourceForge between October 21, 2011 and November 30, 2011.

  1. Addressed Issue 109: Admin Add/Edit of Entries
  2. Addressed Issue 111: Upload Image Function Allowing Non Admins to Upload
  3. Addressed Issue 112: Users Not Seeing Entries (Case Sensitivity of User Names)
  4. Addressed Issue 113: Registration Section shows Entry Window Closed Date
  5. Addressed Issue 114: Competition Contacts Not Working
  6. Addressed Issue 115: Incorrect Name on Results List
  7. Addressed Issue 116: Inconsistent Display of Entry and Judging Numbers
  8. Judges and stewards are now able to register as either/both after the designated entry window has closed.
  9. Admins now have a "Numbers at a Glance" box on the main admin page to quickly get the number of entries, participants, etc.
  10. Results sheets now have a "club" column.

Version - October 2011

This release address several bugs and feature enhancements that were reported to Google Code and SourceForge? between September 16, 2011 and October 21, 2011.

Version - September 2011

This release address several small bugs and feature enhancements that were reported to Google Code and SourceForge? between August 18, 2011 and September 13, 2011.

  1. Fixed PayPal connection error (Issue 92  on Google Code).
  2. Added a missing javascript file (Issue 94).
  3. Fixed Archive data display bug (Issue 95).
  4. Fixed bug preventing PayPal payments on installations that have discount codes (Issue 96).
  5. Fixed minor bug that allowed entries to be added without a Entry Name (Issue 97)
  6. Added reported strength, carbonation, and dryness levels for Cider and Mead styles to pullsheets.
  7. Added coding to convert entry name and brewer name entry text to show proper capitalization.
  8. Added Google Web Fonts API fonts to the css files of all themes.

Version - August 2011

With version, BCOE (and now M) has been greatly improved by the addition of a complete competition management suite of tools - hence the added "M" - that give brew competition organizers a one stop, web-based solution to effectively and easily manage their event.

This version adds:

  1. Expanded Site Preferences
  2. Judging Preferences
  3. Custom Style Types
  4. Table and Flight Management
  5. Judge , Steward , and Staff Assignments
  6. Scoring
  7. Printing and Reporting Functions
    1. Pullsheets
    2. Table Cards
    3. Judge and Steward Assignments
    4. Sign-in Sheets
    5. Results by Table (HTML, PDF)
    6. BOS Results (HTML, PDF)
    7. BJCP Staff Points (PDF, XML)
    8. Award Labels
    9. Participant Address Labels
    10. Judge Score Sheet Labels