Sponsor Logos

Administrators can upload sponsor logos for display on the home and sponsor pages of their BCOE&M site.

How to Access

From the main Administration page: Expand the Preparing section; click "A Sponsor Logo" under the Upload heading

From Admin on the top menu: Preparing > Upload > A Sponsor Logo

From the Sponsors page, click the "Upload Sponsor Logo Image" link.

From the Add a Sponsor page, click the "Upload Sponsor Logo Image" link.


The CHMOD or permissions of the "user_images" folder in the root directory of the BCOE&M installation must be set to 755 for uploads to function. Generally, this can be done with most any FTP program.

For display, the exact file name of the logo must be input in the Logo File Name field on the Add a Sponsor page.


Customize public sponsor pages with each sponsor's logo.


Choose a logo to display by clicking the "Browse" button. Then, click "Upload."

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