Sorting Received Entries

Once the registration period and entry window for a competition passes, the next step in the process, after picking up entries from various drop off points, is to sort them.

BCOE&M provides tools to assist in sorting entries.

Under the Sorting Received Entries heading, administrators are presented with some options specific to the task, namely marking entries as paid/received and labeling individual bottles with their entry number.

Typically, sorting involves:

Designating Entries as Paid and/or Received

BCOE&M will only allow entries marked as paid and received to be assigned to tables and scored. Therefore, marking entries as paid/received is a critical activity and can accomplished by accessing the Administration: Entries function or by using the Mark Entries as Paid/Received for Category option (see screenshot).

Bottle Labels

Once entries have been marked as paid and received, the next step is to replace the bottle label provided by the entrant with an anonymous identifier, typically one or more stickers with the entry's number and category.

Administrators can print bottle labels using standard Avery 5160 label stock. Each Avery label has the entry number and BJCP category printed six times, so cutting of the label may be needed if multiple bottles for each entry are required.

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