Set Up

Create a MySQL Database and Authorized User

BCOE&M must have access to a MySQL database to function. The database can either be one dedicated to your installation or one that is shared with other applications.

For a dedicated MySQL database:

  1. Using your web hosting provider's chosen methodology, create a database to connect your BCOE&M installation to. Consult your hosting provider's documentation as needed.
  2. Create and/or add an authorized user to the database. Again, consult your hosting provider's documentation as needed.
  3. Make sure the user has the following privileges (at minimum):
    1. Alter
    2. Create
    3. Delete
    4. Insert
    5. Update
    6. Drop
    7. Select

For use with a shared database:

  1. Obtain the database name and authorized user credentials.
  2. See Upload Files to Your Webserver below.

Upload Files to Your Webserver

  1. Unzip the BCOE&M archive file locally.
  2. Locate the "sites" sub-folder in unzipped archive.
  3. Using a text editor or your favorite WYSIWYG editor, open the config.php file in the "sites" folder.
    1. Add username, password, and database variables for your BCOE&M installation's MySQL database.
    2. If the installation will be using a shared MySQL database, you must designate a prefix in the $prefix variable (e.g. comp_).
    3. Change the $setup_free_access variable to TRUE. Set up cannot be run if this variable is set to FALSE.
  4. Connect to your webserver via FTP.
  5. Upload all files and folders in the unzipped archive.
  6. Change the CHMOD permissions for the "mods" folder and the "user_images" folder to 755 - this allows for uploads.
  7. Finally, if you are receiving server errors after trying to access your installation, check here.

Proceed Through the Set Up Process

  1. Browse to your installation's web address.
    1. If you receive any errors such as Table 'xxx.system' doesn't exist, try accessing the setup script directly by going to [your website address]/setup.php?section=step0.
  2. You'll be taken through a series of steps to install the needed database tables and to customize your installation.
  3. Do not skip these steps. Vital information is collected that optimize the installation's behavior and display of data.
  4. During the set up process you will:
    1. Add the necessary database tables.
    2. Create the administrator's user file and credentials.
    3. Define the site's preferences.
    4. Input information about your competition (e.g., rules, award structure, etc.)
    5. Input drop-off locations.
    6. Input judging locations.
    7. Define the BJCP styles accepted.
    8. Define judging preferences (e.g., whether to use queued judging, flight size, maximum number of rounds, etc.).
  5. EDIT the config.php file. Change the $setup_free_access variable back to FALSE and re-upload to your server. This is a security measure.
  6. That's it! After set up, you can browse to your installation's address, log in and further customize it, and/or distribute the web address to begin collecting participant data and their associated entries.
  7. Enjoy your favorite fermented beverage.