Printing and Reporting

BCOE's printing and reporting features can be used throughout the competition cycle: from planning to execution to reporting results.

Before Judging

To assist in having a smoothly run competition, there are several items that can be printed or reported before competition day, including:

During Judging

Once the initial rounds of judging have concluded and scores and places have been designated in the system, BCOE&M makes it easy to print pullsheets for the Best of Show round for each style type.

After Judging

After the BOS round has concluded and the results have been entered into the system, organizers can print results table by table , either with scores or without.

Organizers can print Award Labels to affix to overall winner ribbons, etc.

Additionally, organizers can generate a staff report that contains BJCP points for judges, stewards, and staff. The points in this report are derived from the official BJCP Sanctioned Competition Requirements, available at .

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