After sorting has been accomplished, the next task for administrators is to organize the competition data in preparation for judging.

Under the Organizing heading, administrators have several options, some of which are the same as in the Sorting Received Entries category (managing/viewing participants and entries).

Organization, though, is really where the M in BCOE&M shows its utility.


Before beginning the organization process, administrators should verify the Competition Organization Preferences and Best of Show selection methodology for each style type .


Organization in BCOE&M begins with designating individual participants as a judge , steward , or staff . This builds a pool of available participants to assign to various duties in the competition.

Once assignments have been given, the next steps are to:

  1. Define tables (including their location if applicable).
  2. Verify that all accepted style categories with entries are assigned to tables.
  3. Add flights to tables (if queued judging is disabled).
  4. Assign tables to rounds .
  5. Assign judges and stewards to tables and flights, if applicable.
  6. Designate the Best of Show Judges .
  7. Print Pullsheets for each table.
  8. Print Table Cards .
  9. Print Judge and Steward Assignment lists.
  10. Print Sign-in Sheets for judges and stewards.

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