Under the Exporting Heading, BCOE&M features exporting options intended to provide administrators participant and entry data in easy to use formats including Comma Separated Values (CSV), Tab Delimited, HTML, Microsoft Word, and PDF.

Comma Separated Value (CSV) files are easily read and manipulated by spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.

Tab Delimited Files are provided in BCOE&M mainly for use with the Homebrew Competition Coordination Program (HCCP), available for download here .

HTML files are useful for posting to a website or blog.

Comma Separated Values (CSV) - Email Addresses and Names Only

Organizers may need to contact more than one participant at a time. Administrators have the option to download CSV files containing participant email addresses in the following groupings:

Comma Separated Values (CSV) - Data Files

Organizers may wish to download and manipulate entry and participant data. CSV is a common method for importing data from a database into programs such as Microsoft Excel. Administrators have the option to download CSV files containing data in the following groupings:

Promo Materials - HTML and Word

BCOE&M makes it easy to extract data from the backend database into easily used and common formats. The promotional materials available essentially include the information presented on your installation's Home page, Rules page, and Entry Information page.

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