Beer XML Import

A very quick and easy way to import your entries into this site's entry database is to upload a BeerXML-compliant file. BeerXML is "an open standard for recipe exchange" using XML-style sheets and tags. Many brewing applications export recipes and logs to BeerXML compliant files.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. If you use another brewing software package, please send in directions to export files.

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The following are specific instructions for three popular brewing applications: BrewBlogger (online), BeerSmith (desktop), and BeerTools Pro (desktop).

From BrewBlogger

  1. Access the BrewBlogger installation online and log in.
  2. There are two ways to download recipe or brew log BeerXML files:
    1. From the Administration area, choose Manage BrewBlogs or Manage Recipes (these may be termed differently depending upon the installation).
    2. From the list, locate the particular log or recipe you wish to export.
    3. Click the "code" icon.
    4. Save your download.
  3. From an individual log or recipe, click the "beer xml" button.
  4. Save your download.

From BeerSmith

  1. Open BeerSmith.
  2. Choose (highlight) the recipe(s) or brew log(s) that you would like to export.
  3. From the File menu, select "Export As..."
  4. The Export Wizard dialog box will appear.
  5. Under the Export Which Items header, choose "Only the Items that are Selected."
  6. Under the Use the Following Format header, choose "BeerXML File Format."
  7. Under the Export To header, choose "Save Items to This File," choose a destination folder, and rename the file if needed.
  8. Click OK.

From BeerTools

  1. Open BeerTools.
  2. Choose (highlight) the recipe that you would like to export.
  3. From the File menu, select Export and then "BeerXML..."
  4. Click Save.


  1. Go to the site and log in (or register if you haven't already).
  2. On the My Info and Entries page, under the Entries header, click the "Import an Entry Using BeerXML" link.
  3. Click "Browse" to find the BeerXML file you exported from BeerSmith.
  4. Click "Upload."
  5. You will get a confirmation of the upload's success.
  6. Double check each entry for accuracy.